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da Vinci Kolinksy Marder Bright 1810

da Vinci Kolinksy Marder Bright 1810 Click image to zoom

Red sable oil painting brushes have both: great resilience and softness. They are chiefly used for spreading colour thinly and evenly. Finest shades of colour and structure can be achieved. Ideal for realism and fine portraiture. Red sable oil painting brushes are fine and precious tools that must be treated and looked after with great care.

The hairs of the sable are very soft. A bright brush shape creates square brush strokes good for blending, shading and generally moving colour to create smooth tonal  transitions.

European brush sizes are calculated in mm. ( size 2 = 2mm, size 4= 4mm and so on). The are vary fine brushes for all details.

Skilled craftsmen guarantee carefully shaped products and many busy hands look after the perfect finish of all da Vinci Logo artist brushes. da Vinci Brush Company has long-standing experience and competence in the manufacture of artist brushes, based on the rich treasure of experience the brush factories in Nuremberg Germany have had for many generations.