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da Vinci White Nova Filbert

da Vinci White Nova Filbert Click image to zoom
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Flat with oval tip. Creates a broad mark with a soft edge. The Filbert is a flat brush with an oval edge, which combines the control of the Short Flat/ Bright with the softer edges of the Round.
Da Vinci Nova Oil & Acrylic brushes are made from finest  synthetic fibres with long navy blue  polished handles, and they have excellent spring and elasticity. They are extremely durable, which is ideal if you demand a lot from your brush or work on rough surfaces. Suitable for oil or acrylic painting.
The Nova range is long handled offering a well balanced brush for painting with Oil and Acrylic which tends to be on a larger scale than watercolour painting.
Average full length of brushes in this range is 32cm (12").