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Art Walk 2017 Registration

Art Walk 2017 Registration Click image to zoom

Congrats on being selected! You may register online now and avoid the long line-up on registration day.

Please refer the map and prices below, then select your choice from the scroll-down menu. You will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm your specific location. At this time you may request a change of venue.

Important: Street closures on 105 St and 83 Ave will not have assigned locations.  Artists will be directed where to set up as they arrive the morning of the event.  This method proved most successful last year on the 83 Avenue street closure and we hope it will help make everyone's Art Walk experience a bit easier.

Map of fees

And now a word from our sponsor!  Support your Art Walk by shopping for your art supplies at The Paint Spot.  We've created, administered and championed the Whyte Avenue Art Walk for over two decades.  We've also been able to mentor similar events across the city and province.  This level of support for artists is only possible because we have a little store front to call home and office.

Registered Art Walk Artists receive a 20% discount on supplies and a 30% discount on paint, canvas or birch panel order over $300.   

Special orders, deals and sales on a wide range of art materials can be found here. Plus our resourceful, hardworking employees are all artists too. You can depend on them for practical advice to make your projects more successful.

If there is anything we can improve to earn your business, please let us know.



We are always seeking volunteers. Share this link! 

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