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Belgian Linen, Unprimed 54″ Unprimed


Linen is considered to be vastly superior to cotton canvas in terms of texture, stability and longevity. Linen is made from flax fibers which are longer and stronger than cotton.

Linens come in a variety of weights, textures and densities. Our linen is coarse and medium-heavy. Try a yard or two. You will come to know how wonderful it is to work on.

When stretching linen it is important to know it expands when it is wet. Canvas (as we know from our laundering our jeans) will shrink when it dries. Linen often needs to be re-stretched after sealing/sizing and priming. This is whey the old masters used tacks instead of staples.

Our linen is sold by the foot. It will be folded for shipping.