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Printmaking: Simple Block Printing with Lino


Saturday, October 14    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Instructor:  Stephanie Medford.

Learn to make unique, hand-printed pieces of art, and take home a block that you can print from over and over again! We’ll learn how to carve out an image of your choice, ink it up, and print it on fine, archival printmaking paper. Relaxing and meditative, block printing is the perfect way to take a moment for yourself. This is an interesting and practical artmaking process to learn: it requires very little in the way of materials, and, once you know how, you can make any number of blocks and prints at home. The prints you make look great! You might want to choose an image that you want to give others – your prints will make excellent gifts.

Participants receive a 20% discount on these supplies.

1 4x6” piece of lino

Lino cutter with various blades

Hard rubber brayer

Black, water-based relief ink & ink retarder

1 sheet white printmaking paper (Stonehenge or Arnhem)

About the Instructor: Born in Edmonton, Stephanie earned a BA from the University of Alberta with a major in drama and a minor in art, studied traditional weaving arts under several teachers in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina, and is currently learning the art of etching at SNAP.

She is an artist, writer, and traveler, and when she’s not working on art you can find her on some kind of adventure — riding her motorcycle through small towns, backcountry camping, or flying to another country.

Her current mission is to help people who have lost touch with their creativity find their way back to their creative selves. She blogs about creativity and her own creative adventures at and she teaches workshops in printmaking, mixed media, and mindfulness and the creative process. Visit Stephanie’s website,