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Parallel Pen Weekend: Magical Calligraphy


Sunday, April 9   12:00 Noon - 5:00 PM

Instructor: Jeanine Alexander.

Learn calligraphy with an innovative writing tool, the Parallel Pen. There are several Parallel Pen sizes available, but in this class you may choose either the 6.0 (blue) or 3.8 (green) nib size. Or choose both for more fun! Included in this class are careful directions on the use, versatility, and care of your pen.

In lettering, basic stroke sequences and terminology will be introduced. A number of casual and modern adaptations of the basic alphabet will be demonstrated. Included in these is the highly stylized and popular JUBILEE! alphabet.

Expect the instructor to give you feedback on your work as you begin to work with this tool. The instructor will use a visual presenter to ensure all students can see the letters as they are formed. As you work through several styles you will have an opportunity to apply your work to some small hand lettering projects such as a poster, postcard, or greeting card. Other materials and techniques will be introduced.

Come and learn your alphabet in a whole new way!

Participants receive a 20% discount on these supplies.

Pilot Parallel Pen size 3.8 or 6.0 (green or blue). One pen is necessary, but two will be more fun.

Ruler or plastic T-square

Pencil & eraser

You will have time during the mid-class break to purchase paper for your projects.

The Instructor supplies practice paper

About the Instructor: Jeanine Alexander is an active member of the Edmonton Calligraphy Society. She was a founding member in 1986. She is an active volunteer in the Mill Woods community and has returned to teaching calligraphy and studying letters as an artform in her retirement.