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Mixed Media: Choose Your Own Adventure 3.0


Thursdays, April 6, 13, 20, & 27     5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Instructor: Justina Smith.

The ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ mixed media painting series is back for four more Thursday evenings in April! Spend a few creative hours a week working on a medium-sized mixed-media piece. Advantage? No rush and plenty of time for the layers to dry and for you to think about the next steps.

Week One:  Bring in your photos and we’ll get the outlines drawn onto the supports, then talk about where the first paper layers go. Are we basing the papers on colour? The texture they mimic or represent? This is the foundation night to get this project started.

Week Two:  This week we block in the colours, maybe draw in the wet paint and think about where the next paper layer is going. Maybe you don’t want to make that wall or grass or bit of trees so dark, because we might be able to do that with the addition of the tissue layer the following week. Have a large negative space in your piece that is kind of dull? Maybe we can make it more interesting by dry-brushing some shadows on. This is the ‘colouring’ part, but we aren’t finished yet!

Week Three:  Alright, the painting is established, the colour is blocked in, now let’s make it a little more interesting by painting with the tissue paper. Yes, painting. It becomes transparent when you glue it on with gel medium. Do you want a subtle effect, or something a bit bolder? Or are you trying to tone down an area or blend in some of the details? Let’s see what we can do with the second paper layer…

Week Four:  Painting in all the details can be really time consuming. Why not just draw them in with coloured ink ON TOP of your painting? We can make the piece look a bit looser by adding some spatter. We can draw in bricks, grass, cobbles, window details, bits of reflection in glass…if you missed it with your brush, don’t worry. We can draw it in with ink and make some of those details really pop and bring the viewer further into the painting.

 Participants receive a 20% discount on these supplies.

  • 1 cradled birch panel (or stretched canvas) in the size range 16x20” to 24x24”
  • 1-2 sheets of Chiyogami and or Japanese patterned tissue paper of your choice
  • 1 nibholder + 2 nibs for drawing onto your painting AND 1 or 2 30ml jars of Liquitex acrylic ink, black, white or your choice of colours OR Molotow acrylic markers
  • Your own favourite acrylic paint or select 3 to 5 colours you would like to use (recommended brands: Stevenson or Holbein)
  • Your favourite acrylic brushes or select 3 or 4 acrylic brushes (very small, small, medium, large) + palette knife
  • *Bring a landscape or cityscape or architectural photo for reference.

Optional: Suitable art clothes (e.g., apron), notepad, small clean-up cloth, snack, drink

About the Instructor:  Justina is a self-taught artist based in Edmonton. She paints primarily in acrylic, enhancing the visual appeal of her work with the addition of paper and acrylic ink. She likes to explore Canada, take photos, and use those photos as reference material for her paintings. Justina’s classes are extremely popular, and she is an excellent teacher. Visit Justina’s website: