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Making Art in Coloured Pencil


Saturday, April 29     10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Instructor: Shelly Banks.

Now that you’ve learned to fill in between the lines of adult colouring books, you want to go further. You want to make your own coloured pencil works of art! This is your class.

In this class, the first half includes: learning how to shade, blend, & layer coloured pencils properly; discovering which kinds of paper are best suited for colouring. In the second half, you learn the trick of drawing your image: a quick transfer of a silhouette. In this class, a Baltimore oriole, a beautiful, colourful bird, is your subject. With the techniques you learn in the first half of the class, you’ll be guided through colouring the bird and background. Your finished image will be so good you’ll want to mount it and frame it! Shelly will review various ways in which you can protect and display your artwork. The skills you learn here you can transfer to many other projects.

Participants receive a 20% discount on these supplies.

Prismacolour Pencils: PC 935 (Black)     PC 938 (White)     PC 1087 (Powder Blue)

PC1103 (Caribbean Sea)     PC1099 (Espresso)     PC944 (Terra Cotta)     PC 937 (Tuscan Red)

PC 1002 (Yellowed Orange)     PC 918 (Orange)     PC 921 (Pale Vermilion)     PC 1056 (70% Warm Grey)

Other supplies:          HB pencil or small stylus

Optional:        Suitable art clothes (e.g., apron), notepad, snack, drink

 The Paint Spot supplies: Transfer paper; Artagain paper (black) to colour on; miscellaneous supplies

About the Instructor:  Shelly enjoys using coloured pencils in her many adult colouring books, making Zentangle™ Inspired Art, and thinking of different ways to further incorporate this medium into other art projects. She also draws in coloured pencil and mounts her works on birch panels. Shelly makes mixed-media Coptic books and is a member of the Edmonton Calligraphic Society. Shelly also enjoys acrylic painting, watercolours, mosaics, and pottery. Learning to work in different mediums gets the creative juices flowing, and Shelly finds that the more you learn the more fun you have.