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Book Arts: Make a Special Little Box and a Book to Put in It


Saturday, May 27, 2017     10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Class Limit: 8 students.

Instructor: Shelly Banks.

Learn how to make a special small box that has many uses and a smaller wild accordion book that can fit into the box – all in one day. The box features peacock feather-patterned decorative paper, turquoise book cloth and book boards. The accordion book has several pages cleverly created by folding a sheet of paper you can draw or write on, book board for covers, ivory-coloured paper for the front and back covers and a ribbon to tie it all together! You can choose other colours for the book cover if you wish. The skills you learn here can be applied later in creating more boxes and books, using other decorative papers.

This is a sweet pair of handmade treasures that would make a charming gift.

Your fee covers the kits you need for this class. You only need to supply a pair of scissors or a hobby knife.

Optional: Suitable art clothes (e.g., apron), notepad, snack, drink

About the Instructor:  Shelly’s book arts skills are exceptional, and she is always adding new book styles to her repertoire. She is also a mixed media artist, painter and coloured pencil expert. She is a member of the Edmonton Calligraphic Society and CBBAG. Shelly also enjoys acrylic painting, watercolours, mosaics, and pottery. Learning to work in different mediums gets the creative juices flowing, and Shelly finds that the more you learn the more fun you have.