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Calligraphy: Blackletter Alphabet


Sunday, May 14     12:00 Noon - 500 PM

Instructor: Jeanine Alexander.

This class will get you started making the letters of the alphabet in Blackletter style with a Pilot Parallel Pen (3.8 green). This popular lettering style is relatively easy to learn. Its many variations provide both interest and additional challenges for students.

We will study a basic alphabet, and some variations, and we’ll spend time analyzing and lettering some very ornate capitals.

Participants receive a 20% discount on these supplies:

Pilot Parallel Pen, size 3.8

Clear acrylic T-square or ruler

Pencil, eraser  & notebook

Paper will be provided for the first part of the class. You will have an opportunity

to purchase additional paper during the mid-class break.

You may wish to bring suitable art clothes, a snack and a drink.

About the Instructor: Jeanine Alexander is an active member of the Edmonton Calligraphy Society. She was a founding member in 1986. She is an active volunteer in the Mill Woods community and has returned to teaching calligraphy and studying letters as an artform in her retirement.