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Calligraphy: Beauty & The Brush


Sunday, May 28     12 Noon - 5:00 PM

Instructor: Jeanine Alexander.

Begin a journey into brush lettering. Using pointed brushes, you will learn how to form traditional letters of the alphabet. Begin to develop your own style by making variations in the letter forms, using colour and exploring with other modern brush-like tools. Expect the challenge and reward of completing several in class assignments.

Participants receive a 20& discount on these supplies.

Watercolour brushes: da Vinci ‘Green’ Round sizes #2 & #4 (series 373)

Small watercolour set of at least 8 colours (e.g., Prang)

Other supplies: Pencil & kneaded eraser

Clear acrylic T square or ruler

Mixed media paper

You may wish to purchase other materials, including additional paper, as the work emerges.

The instructor supplies: paper suitable for practicing

Optional: Suitable art clothes (e.g., apron), notepad, snack, drink

 About the Instructor: Jeanine Alexander is an active member of the Edmonton Calligraphy Society. She was a founding member in 1986. She is an active volunteer in the Mill Woods community and has returned to teaching calligraphy and studying letters as an artform in her retirement.