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Acrylic Weekend Retreat: Less is More


Saturday & Sunday, September 16 & 17    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day

Instructor: Nancy Corrigan

This weekend retreat gives you two days to explore creating your own visual music on canvas with movement of lines, shapes, and colour – using just one brush! An angled flat brush does so many things, because it can be twisted to create spherical, curved, and flowing gestural forms, but it can also create flat marks or thin lines. It’s all in the movement! Intuitive, gestural marks balance with conscious compositional choices, leading to artworks that express you, the unique individual. This weekend retreat is a learning experience in which you gain appreciation of how varied individuals works can be, and how much they can teach us going forward. You will gain confidence in what you intuitively come up with for patterns, textures, and structure. You will learn how to decide independently on compositions that are in tune with your inner self as you paint.

Participants receive a 20% discount on these supplies.

Supports: Gessoed, uncradled birch panels 8x10 & 11x14” for warm-up studies

3  8x10” or larger (up to 12x16”) stretched canvases

Acrylic paint: Yellow (Hansa or Cadmium Yellow Light) Red (Crimson or Naphthol Red); Blue (Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue Hue or Phthalo Blue); optional: Titanium White, Mars Black. Your own colours are welcome.

Medium: small Gloss Gel, small Gloss Medium (e.g., Stevenson)

Brushes: 1 #8 or #10 Heinz Jordan (or another brand) Angle brush

Palette: Choose a palette that is large enough for colour mixing. Sta-Wet palettes are recommended, and handy for keeping paint wet overnight.

Other supplies: Clean rags (2 or 3), suitable art clothes (e.g., apron), notepad, snack, drink

 About the Instructor: Nancy Corrigan has been an artist facilitating in Edmonton and area offering creative experiences since 1980. She has been a staff artist in the wards at the University of Alberta Hospital since its inception in 1999. Studying expressive art therapy has rounded out her experience and lifelong "way" as an artist. Her drawings, watercolours, and acrylics are kinetic expressions of stillness, colour, and vibrational energy Her work is represented by Gallery of Alberta Art Rental, Edmonton, Alberta.