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A Burst of Spring Watercolour Cards


Saturday, May 13     10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Instructor: Sally Towers-Sybblis.Come and enjoy a delightful day of watercolour painting and lettering with calligrapher and artist Sally Towers-Sybblis. Sally will show you some very simple watercolour techniques to create a series of gorgeous spring cards. You will be shown how to make a variety of simple lettering fonts to finish off your cards. You won't want to miss this one!

This class is great for all abilities especially if you are new to watercolour or calligraphy. No previous experience is required. Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14 – why not take this class with your Mother (or Mother-in-Law), or make a special card to celebrate her?

 Participants receive a 20% discount on these supplies.

Watercolours:   Blue   yellow   red   Titanium white   purple   green    Optional colours: orange   brown

Paper: 1 sheets Strathmore 140LB Cold Press watercolour paper, cut or torn into 5.5x7.5” sheets

1 sheets White Canson Colorline cut to 8.5x11” sheets

1 sheets Canson Colorline, in a colour to go with your paints cut to 8.5x11”

Watercolour brushes and palette: #10 Round & ½” Flat brushes

Other supplies:  3 pencil crayons, blue, dark pink, orange

1 .01 black Pigma Pen

1 Ultra-fine black Sharpie

Pencil, eraser & sharpener

Scissors   ruler   UHU glue stick

1 piece ¼” satin ribbon 15” long

Optional:  bone folder

Bring suitable art clothes (e.g., apron), notepad, snack, drink.

About the Instructor:  Sally Towers-Sybblis is an artist and art teacher in Red Deer, Alberta. Her work has been featured in various magazines and she had co-authored and designed her own book, “The Circle Club” A Journey of Hope and Healing, a book that involves a healing journey that takes place through the growth of a garden rose. Sally’s vibrant paintings and photographs are featured throughout the book. Sally works in all types of media because her mind needs to be continually challenged with new ideas and techniques. Lately, she has taken to paper media and calligraphy as a form of expression. Creating vibrant and textured surface designs on paper is very fulfilling for her. Sally teaches classes on a regular basis. She believes that sharing her techniques gives others that same sense of gratification and expression that she receives from creating.

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