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Pentastik: Rediscover the Art of Pens

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PENTASTIK: A Night of Pens

Wednesday, October 22
from 5 PM – 8 PM
10032 81 Avenue
(Hosted by The Paint Spot)

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Sure, we can type with our thumbs and peck at QWERTY keyboards on all sorts of compact mobile devices. To me, putting pen to paper still has a time and place.  It crosses the line between thinking about something and acting on it. If it’s important – write it down. If you want to get it done, make a list. To make it legal, sign here.

Writers, poets and sketchers know how to unplug, slow down and take time to daydream and focus. It may sound like an oxymoron, how can you focus and daydream at the same time, but creative people know this duality is essential for invention. The pen nib is the point where ideas transfer to paper. The power of the pen should not be underestimated or dismissed. In fact, here are some links to recent discussions that illustrate the need to balance a high-tech lifestyle with high-touch activities.

The Power of the Doodle: Improve Your Focus and Memory Research Shows That Doodling Helps People Stay Focused, Grasp New Concepts and Retain Information – Wall Street Journal
Doodling with purpose: Drawing Zentangle images reduces stressTimes Herald
Beauty: The Lost Art of Handwriting as seen on Pinterest

A beautiful writing instrument ought to be used in everyday life. We believe a well-crafted writing tool is an indispensable personal accessory. It makes a statement about who someone is or what he or she finds important. A pen may show personality, passion and style. The Paint Spot is proud to welcome new lines of fine writing instruments by Lamy, Faber Castell, Visconti and Monteverde – part of our promise to provide beautiful art materials that inspire creativity.

Whether buying a pen as a gift or as a personal treat, knowing how to choose from the available options is key to finding the right pen. An excellent writing pen should start up immediately, write the first time and every time, never skip, flow effortlessly on a variety of surfaces, and produce a reasonably wet line.  Ease of writing and drawing is one of the main reasons that someone may consider buying a high quality pen.  The weight, balance and comfortable handling are personal choices. Good function is the first consideration.

If you are filling books with daily sketches, you need a reliable pen with a durable nib and

large cartridge refills. Fountain pens, calligraphy pens and rollerballs are smooth writing tools that have water-soluble inks for creating expressive ink drawings. Ink flow is directly related to the poetry of the line created. Weight and balance of the pen are other considerations. Better quality pens can be carried everywhere without fear of leaking.

Do you include poetry or writing in your drawings? Setting the tone for an afternoon of journalling may be part of a ritual. Steep your favourite tea, pick up your treasured notebook, and sit in a special spot. Fountain pen writing is an art. An attractive pen can only add to the beauty. Finding the right pen involves many variables, some of which come down to personal preference.

Is this pen to be an important accessory on a desk to be used only for signing important documents and writing a few personal notes? Then stunning style with a bit of heft would be fitting. Our pen selection includes Ballpoint, Rollerball, Calligraphy and Fountain Pens. We also have price ranges from $110 to $350 for professionals. More expensive fountain pens come with a warranty, as well as the benefits of the brands’ proven track record.

There are also price points between $12 to $40 for frugal budgets.

The best way to learn about pens to come and try them for yourself.

Visit our Advice Library for About Pens: Fountain Pen, Rollerball and Ballpoint

Kim Fjordbotten (August 2014) As owner of The Paint Spot, Kim Fjordbotten is passionate about helping artists use materials and make art. She is available as a speaker and educator for teachers and art associations.

This post is dedicated to the lovely souls from the Edmonton Calligraphic Society. Thank you for sharing your generosity, joy, and passion for letters, inks, papers and pens. Without all of you, we may not be on this new pen adventure.

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